Ancient Bonsai vs Todays Bonsai...

Für ungeklärte(!) Fragen zum Bonsai-Einstieg und den Anfangsjahren. SUCHEN, LESEN, DENKEN und nur POSTEN,
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Ancient Bonsai vs Todays Bonsai...

Beitrag von Williamhawk » 06.10.2017, 09:05

Hello all,

When I observe, in Books, the Ancient Bonsai of China and Japan I am amazed at how they were able to Grow, Sculpt and Preserve their Bonsai.

I've noticed that they were primarily Juniper, Pine then Maple and not necessarily pre-occupied with DeadWood adornment but rather the tree itself showing in a Classical manner...

Now Todays Bonsai, and some by Bonsai Masters can't seem to put a Tree in a pot without covering it with DeadWood or DriftWood and in most cases Disfiguring and Distorting the Tree to show some sort of extream Weathering in order to Justify the DeadWood...

I'm curious as to what others think about my Opinion...

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