new to bonsai: specific question about tree species?

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new to bonsai: specific question about tree species?

Beitrag von Williamhawk » 06.10.2017, 09:06


I am new to bonsai (I actually plan to start caring for some when I get my own apartment later this year.) I was wondering if you all were familiar with the lluvia de oro (golden shower/cassia fistula) tree. It's a beautiful tree with small leaves and yellow flowers that grows vigorously here in South Florida. I was wondering if people have attempted growing bonsai of this tree in the past. I've tried searching online but a cursory glance hasn't yielded any response.
Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has any input on what species of bonsai grow best in California, specifically mid-to-southern California?

Thanks in advanced!

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Re: new to bonsai: specific question about tree species?

Beitrag von achim73 » 06.10.2017, 09:19

dear william,
most of the users of this board are residents to germany, austria and switzerland, generally speaking - north of europe. our climate is very different from south florida. so probably there is not very much experience regarding those species.
from the travel blog of walter pall i remember that one species used frequently and is native to western/southern usa is rocky mountain juniper.
perhaps have a look
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