Midatlantic 2017

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Midatlantic 2017

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34. Midatlantic Bonsai Sicieties Spring Festival

RADISSON Hotel Cromwell, Connecticut

The annual MABS Spring Festival commences on Friday evening, April 7, and continues through Sunday afternoon, April 9. Renowned international professional bonsai artists present lecture/ demonstrations, workshops, and critiques of bonsai. Registrants have weekend-long opportunities to observe and spend time with the artists at breakout sessions between demonstrations, and to view the MABS member clubs’ Bonsai Exhibit. In addition, a wide range of bonsai vendors are on site offering a large selection of bonsai, bonsai-related plants, containers, tools, books and other supplies.

Mehr Info: http://midatlanticbonsai.org/index_htm_ ... S%20-1.pdf
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