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Wann und wo ist was los? Bekanntmachungen und Termine für Bonsai-Ereignisse aller Art.
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Tolles Kimura Video

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Da eird wntig gesprochen. das kann man auch ohne Englischkenntnisse genießen.

A new video is available at Bonsai Empire: Kimura Techniques Masterclass.

I was tasked with reviewing this video and chose to collaborate with Jennifer Price, to whom I extend my gratitude for her valuable insights. Our unequivocal endorsement is: You must watch this!

Here is links where one can enroll or check the free previews

The video is divided into two sections,

1. Focusing on work with a Taxus (yew) and

2. An impressive juniper which master Kimura Transforms
Here Mr. Kimura showcases his art, which revolutionized the bonsai world approximately 35 years ago, thus, marking the inception of Modern Bonsai Design. During that period, these "sculptures" with extensive deadwood, both massive and intricate, were not universally embraced. As is typical in art, the introduction of a radically new approach initially causes turmoil, eventually gaining acceptance and becoming mainstream. With the end result solidifying Mr. Kimura as a big game-changer in the bonsai world.

Section 1 - Taxus: Deadwood tools, carving, bending

Techniques are demonstrated and explained, with artistic effects visible but not explicitly discussed, aligning with the customary Japanese presentation style. The emphasis is focused both horticulturally and aesthetically with the end transformation showcasing a truly world class tree. In addition Master Kimura also demonstrates new power tools used to create deadwood

In the next section deadwood is carved with power tools and some chisels. From a certain distance, the deadwood looks dimensionally right, with a natural overall feeling. On closer inspection, it is apparent that the deadwood was intentionally worked on by man. In Western demonstrations, there's usually more emphasis on immediate detailed work to achieve an aged appearance quickly. My impression is that Mr. Kimura may not be concerned about this close examination at the moment, anticipating a more natural look to develop over the next two decades.

There should be warnings that the usage of power tools (especially of a chain saw) can be very dangerous. Some clear explanation of what a live vein is would also be helpful for the inexperienced. An important statement is in the Takeaway of section 4 “ If you are unsure where the live vein is located, start with a thin Shari and widen it over the course of years. The health of your tree comes first”

All thick branches are then wired, while smaller ones are left as is. The usage of guy wires should be explained here. The branch outlines are refined by selectively shortening some smaller branches with scissors. Mr. Kimura advises creating a rounded, compressed apex for conifers, emphasizing the impact of snow pressure on older, larger trees. The result is a powerful yew with an impressive and ancient appearance, a stark departure from its initial stiff and raw look.

Section 2 – Juniper: Grafting, wiring, fertilizing, setting of branches

The lecture begins with an engaging talk about treating already grown grafts. The focus shifts to the final setting of branches, followed by wiring and setting the directional branch while Mr. Kimura discusses fertilizing. The last lecture on pruning and setting branches showcases Mr. Kimura's brilliance. His rapid manipulation of branches, often subtle, transforms an untidy mass into a captivating composition that complements the trunk, creating a truly impressive bonsai.

Mr. Kimura, true to form, doesn't explain art; he simply executes it. The student must discover for themselves why and how certain effects are achieved. Noteworthy are Mr. Kimura's remarks about closing a gap within the crown and placing backward foliage, departing from the mainstream practice of leaving a clear gap for visibility, "so a bird can fly through“.

It's fascinating to observe that Mr. Kimura employs the cheapest tools, cutting copper wire with pointed scissors and using a concave cutter routinely.

The video concludes with a breathtaking glimpse into Mr. Kimura's secluded backyard, his working space, and storage area for exceptional trees. The sheer number and various stages of development of these trees, from raw to sale-ready, leave an indelible impression.

In summary, the showcased work is highly impressive. Mr. Kimura, while creating art, doesn't delve into the philosophical aspects; instead, the emphasis is on techniques. True to the Japanese teaching style, he shows how things are done working with the moderator answering questions readily when asked about his technical approach. This video is a must for everyone who is serious about bonsai, from beginning to very advanced stage.

The video quality is excellent. Special thanks to Bonsai Empire for presenting this remarkable video featuring the great master Kimura, who seems to have mellowed with age and will go down in history for his mastery in creating the art of bonsai
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